My Sober Adventure

Thanksgiving Reflection

For those of us in recovery, the time of year for giving thanks can be pretty impactful. And difficult. Family, friends, coworkers, and my community — I’m thankful for all those people. I’m also thankful that I have Choose Life

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Choose Life: What’s in a Name?

“Choose a life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers…” – Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting You may be wondering where our company name,

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Transitions, Travel, and Your Well-Being

If you’re finding yourself at one of life’s inevitable crossroads – a relationship breakup? change of jobs? moving homes? – then you know, these times can be either fulcrums for immense growth…or times of great suffering. This is particularly true

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Sober Excursions: What Are They? 

Sober excursions are a unique form of travel designed specifically for individuals in recovery from substance abuse. These trips provide a safe and supportive environment where travelers can explore new places and experiences without the presence of alcohol or drugs.

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Sober Vacations: How We Do It Different 

Sober vacations can be great, but boredom can ensue without planned activities and a group of like-minded people. That’s why Choose Life Sober Adventures doesn’t do sober vacations. Instead, we choose to offer sober adventures.  Our Sober Vacations Are Adventures

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Choose Life Sober Adventures Group Recovery Travel

Best Sober Vacations of 2023

For people who live an alcohol-free life, going on vacation can present a challenge. It can be difficult to travel when so much of our culture surrounding celebration is centered around drinking alcohol or consuming other substances. That is why

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How To Celebrate Without Alcohol 

We all love a good celebration, right? But for some people, the idea of celebrating often involves drinking alcohol. For those who choose not to consume alcohol or are recovering from addiction, it can be tough to find alternative ways

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How To Stay Committed to Sobriety

It takes work to transition from substance abuse to recovery. When recovery comes, you’ll have won half the battle. We say “half” because there’s another half to recovering from substance abuse — staying sober.  For many, staying sober is more

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Sober Living

How To Have Fun Sober

If you are anything like me, getting sober saved your life. But walking away from substances was accompanied by a large dose of FOMO — fear of missing out. After all, as active addicts, much of what we did and

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