Sober October

You’ve surely heard of “Dry January.” And now it’s “Sober October.” Society’s expectations around drinking – and doing drugs – is shifting. At least that’s what I’ve seen. 

For people like you and me, we don’t need a month dedicated to our pursuit of sobriety. Sober is what we do. It’s there when we work. It’s there when we play. And, considering I run a sober adventure travel company, for me it’s there when I travel.  

Returning to the lodge after a day exploring the Costa Rica rainforest, a scenic hike on the Inca trail in Peru, or a sundown safari on the plains of Kenya, many adventurers would reach for a beer. I do not. I gather with my co-travelers to connect around the thrill of our day’s shared experience. The delight of floating along a pristine river cascading from a remote volcano and the thrill of walking the ancient stone alleyways of the unparalleled ruins at Machu Picchu are life-changing experiences. And they are amplified by sharing them with like-minded explorers. 

The Choose Life Sober Adventures team poses with local guides, conservationists and tribal leaders in Kenya.

In my travels, I have a community not just of people living sober, but of those living a full, adventurous, and meaningful life. 

Choose exploration. Choose community. Choose life.