Transitions, Travel, and Your Well-Being

If you’re finding yourself at one of life’s inevitable crossroads – a relationship breakup? change of jobs? moving homes? – then you know, these times can be either fulcrums for immense growth…or times of great suffering.

This is particularly true for those of us who have suffered from substance use disorder. Believe me, I know. Change in the routine, people, and patterns that have become familiar in our recovery can be risky. The good news is that travel with people in your own community can offer a remarkable tonic for the most challenging of times. 

As an individual in recovery, you already know the benefits of community at times of transition. With like-minded people around you, when critical turning points arrive, we find that community is the life raft that keeps us afloat. No matter how unique we feel our situation is, we find comfort in the fact that we were nowhere near the first to experience practically any life-changing event. It’s supportive to know we are not alone.

A second component to mental and emotional health during transition can be travel. Did you know that immersive travel is a proven elixir for the nervous system? An impressive 81% of Americans say that they take vacations specifically for mental health reasons. 

And immersive travel is at the forefront, where new and unfamiliar experiences can actually rewire the brain. In his book Soft Wired, Dr. Michael Merzenich — known as “the father of brain plasticity” — describes the benefits of embracing international travel’s unfamiliar experiences as vital to brain health. People who travel to new places, learn new languages, and continue to experience new things into old age are far less likely to develop cognitive decay, according to Merzenich’s research.

With Choose Life Sober Adventures, travel and the recovery community cross paths. We believe strongly that exploring the world with a group who are on the same path builds a strong foundation of community. When we are living a shared experience, connection simply happens. 

Whatever crossroads you may be facing, when we experience our carefully curated and guided adventures, there is nothing we can’t walk through together. Whether you join our Costa Rica adventure through the rainforest and coast, our Machu Picchu spiritual exploration, or our discovery safari in Kenya, there’s a good chance you will not only gain experiences to augment your brain health, you’ll do so with a group of co-travelers who understand your path.

Let’s talk about how a sober adventure with Choose Life might support your life at this time! Text me at (720) 697-4388 or email

Hope to see you out there with us!


Cole Bressler


Machu Picchu Adventure